The most convenient API tool you can access to Pfinity

Pmail network empowers users,developers, liquidity providers,governors,traders and DApp managers to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

A suite of features powering the evolution of Pfinity ecosystem

  • Mailbox Communication

    Ensure communication is safe and checkable

  • Enterprise Mailbox

    A platform meets the various needs of work between teams

  • Tokens&NFTs Interaction

    We’ve taken special care to make sure your tokens&NFTs look great

  • On-chain Storage

    Store any of your data quickly and cheaply on Pfinity

  • Subscribe DApp

    Open API interface allows more DApps to share traffic

  • NFTs Auction

    Blind boxes with asset in each mailbox are obtained by Dutch auction

  • Friction-less Airdrop

    Earn rewards by no effort required

  • Initial Mail Offering

    Explore and support the launch of high-quality tokens